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Day Trips

At David Walsh Sea Kayaking we run one trip exclusively per day to give you the best experience possible.

Half-Day Trips

Choose a half day trip if you want to dip your toe into sea kayaking and get a taste for what the Copper Coast has to offer. You will experience caves and hidden coves and get up close and personal with wildlife as you paddle quietly by and see your locality from a whole new perspective. Half day trips tend to last about 3-4 hours and all equipment is supplied.

Full-Day Trips

Choose a full day trip if you want to fully experience the Copper Coast in all its glory. On a full day trip you'll get to really slow things down and take in your surroundings. We cover more ground to enjoy majestic views, caves and sea arches. We'll explore hidden beaches and have an extended lunch beside the fire. With the kettle on the boil you'll truly feel like you are getting away from it all. Full day trips typically run from 5-7 hours and all equipment is supplied.

At the moment we guide half and full day trips on a one to one basis using single sea kayaks or our custom made expedition tandem kayak. The tandem kayak allows us to cover more miles comfortably and safely and is our first choice to get the most out of a day trip out on the coast. If you are part of a group and have your own kayaks and equipment we can guide up to four paddlers on a trip depending on conditions.With recent weather patterns we can reliably forecast 2-3 days ahead. It is getting more difficult to take advanced bookings for specific dates. If you want to get in touch and express an interest in a day trip, custom trip or expedition we will keep an eye closely on the weather for you and let you know if suitable conditions arise to go ahead.


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Expert Instructors

Learn from our experienced kayaking instructor and take your skills to the next level.

Flexible Schedule

Choose from a variety of class times and expedition dates that fit your availability.

Beautiful Locations

Discover the beauty of the Copper Coast on our kayaking trips and expeditions.

Equipment Provided

We supply all the necessary kayaking equipment for our one-on-one trips, so you can focus on enjoying the experience.

Expeditions & Custom Trips

Expeditions and multi-day trips are what sea kayaks are made for. It is the soul of sea-kayaking and there is no better way to experience a stretch of coastline than from a sea kayak carrying everything you need with you to keep you comfortable while on the move.

Our permanent base in the heart of Waterford’s Copper Coast but we offer expeditions and bespoke trips nationwide. If visiting puffins off Co. Wexford, Island hopping in West Cork or kayaking under The Cliffs of Moher is your idea of a good time get in touch.

You can also keep an eye here on our website for upcoming expeditions throughout Ireland or contact us to talk about that trip that’s been on your mind, we would love to help make it happen.

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ISKGA Modules

As an ISKGA expedition centre we run the following ISKGA modules

ISKGA Fundamentals level 1-3

As a paddler progressing through ISKGA fundamentals you will move towards becoming proficient team members, develop paddle technique, seamanship, camp craft and
navigation. You will learn how to be a supportive member of a group whilst on expedition.

As you move through levels 1-3 you will learn the core basics of learning to paddle a sea kayak on an ocean or large expanse of water and embed techniques to use to control your kayak in wind, waves and flow as well as improving aspects of sea safety and camp craft. ISKGA Fundamentals range from two to five days in duration.

Expedition Skills

Expedition Skills award is an introductory module to a variety of outdoor subjects to prepare and enhance supporting and relating skills that an effective expedition team member should possess. Expedition Skills is both presentation and practical based and developed during the
course in remote coastal settings. Primary topics covered are protection, personal protection, group protection, rescue, water, combustion and food. The duration of the Expedition Skills module is 2-3 days

Sea Kayak Safety and Rescue

The sea kayak safety and rescue module introduces you to developing and enhancing rescue techniques and extractions utilising risk assessments, protocols and practical techniques to facilitate a safe and effective rescue. Over two days we will cover topics such as equipment, towing, swimming and self and assisted rescues and risk assessments. Sea kayak safety and
rescue is a pre requisite to attendance of an incident management program.

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Contact us for more information about ISKGA Modules or Canoeing Ireland Training.

Canoeing Ireland Training & Awards

At DWSK we offer Canoeing Ireland sea skills awards and training.

The Sea Kayak level 1 Discovery Award
Sea Kayak level 2 Peer Award
Sea Kayak Level 3 Explorer Award

We can help you work through your Canoeing Ireland Paddle Profiles from level 1 through to level 3 learning all the necessary skills and core elements right from the start from basic paddle strokes, launches and landings and starting to understand the basics in weather and tides. You will learn to help and assist in rescues and work up to confident peer paddling where you can safely paddle and navigate your sea kayak in level 3 conditions interpreting weather and tidal information, launching and landing in small surf and self rescue in deep water.