Safety Statement

Our commitment to safety is paramount, ensuring every kayaking adventure is not only exhilarating but also conducted with the highest safety standards.

At David Walsh Sea Kayaking your safety and wellbeing is our top priority. We are committed to the continual professional development of our guides and instructors and keep up to date with the highest practices and standards currently available.

All guides and instructors at David Walsh Sea Kayaking are qualified and experienced ISKGA Coastal or Advanced guides as well as holding relevant instructor qualifications with our NGB Canoeing Ireland. They have attended an ISKGA incident management course and hold in date Marine Wilderness First Respond Responder first aid certification or equivalent updated every 3 years as a minimum.

All guides and instructors carry full first aid, safety and communications equipment that is maintained, kept in seaworthy condition and inspected before leaving shore.

Guide/client ratios are 1:6 in line with Canoeing Ireland guidelines and sometimes a smaller ratio will apply that will be more appropriate to experience, weather and conditions. All guides and instructors work safely within their ISKGA and Canoeing Ireland remit at all times.

Weather, sea conditions and the local environment are monitored continuously and sometimes trips and expedition plans may need to be shortened or altered if conditions are deemed too challenging or move above guide or instructor remit. We reserve the right to call off a session or expedition if weather is unsuitable or conditions become too dangerous for a group or individual.

We have a dedicated onshore team member that is aware of emergency protocols and will hold copies of our float plans and route cards for any day or multi day trips on the water. Sea kayaking is a strenuous activity and an assumed risk sport. Customers are asked to inform us on arrival if they have any physical, medical or mental condition that may affect their ability to paddle safely. Get in touch before if you are unsure or have any questions and we will be happy to have a chat.